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What is Uvaro On Demand

By signing up for Uvaro On Demand, you get access to most of the on demand resources used in the Uvaro tech sales accelerator program. To get access to the hidden content, sign up for Uvaro today!

Learn the Lingo

Learn the Lingo

ACV, LTV, BANT, and more. We’ll cover all the terminology used in tech sales, and have you speaking the language in no time!

Learn the Technology

Learn the Technology

From video meeting platforms to social technologies to browser extensions, we’ll cover the tools and platforms used in modern tech sales.

Learn the Artform

Learn the Artform

We’ll cover the art of objection handling, establishing mindset, and building buyer empathy to teach you how to sell like a pro.

Learn the Habits

Learn the Habits

We’ll help you establish good habits and share the basics of time allocation and self-care so you can stay motivated for the long haul.

Our guest instructors are currently selling at the following tech companies

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tech company logos

What Will I Learn?

What is Uvaro On Demand?

Uvaro On Demand is a series of courses, designed to help sales professionals level up their selling game. We analyzed over 6,500 playbooks on the Kiite platform to understand where the biggest knowledge gaps are on sales teams, and we've worked with industry experts and partners to create courses to help you tackle these key areas.

Is this a specific sales methodology?

Uvaro On Demand does not follow a particular sales methodology. While our guests have diverse backgrounds and experiences, and may touch on various methodologies during their modules, we have taken a methodology-agnostic approach to our Academy content.

What kind of sales is this best for?

While Uvaro On Demand covers topics that would be useful for many areas of sales, our content is primarily focused on B2B technology sales.

Who teaches the lessons?

We bring in tech veterans to share their learned experiences. You’ll learn the basics, straight from seasoned industry professionals, who distill complex tech sales concepts into consumable lessons. You’ll also receive actionable advice and tips from newer reps currently in tech sales roles.

How much does it cost?

It's free! It doesn’t make sense to keep all this gold trapped in peoples’ heads. All we ask is that you pay it forward. Share your learnings from the course with your peers to advance the sales profession.

Is there a certificate?

Yes! You will receive a certificate for each lesson once all the modules and course work have been completed.

Will there be more courses?

The Uvaro On Demand will be growing in 2021! Stay tuned for future lessons.

Why Learn with Uvaro On Demand?

Advance Your Skills

Whether you are new to tech sales, or looking to level up your skills, these lessons provide you with the skills you need to succeed in tech sales and take your career to the next level!

Increase Earning Potential

In tech sales, earning potential is a spectrum. Open up your earning potential by investing in growing your sales skills. Generate more leads, close more deals, and delight your customers.

We Bring In The Experts

Our guest experts are top performers, team leaders, and department heads. They hold the knowledge, and we’re thrilled to deliver this first-hand expertise via Uvaro On Demand.

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